Artist Statement


contemporary painting & collage
 “from the flat, two-demensional surface, entrances into time and space…..not so much an expression of the answer, more a love of the search.”
The process by which my paintings and collages are created is indeed one of search and exploration.  The boundaries of the paper provide entry: the play of color, tone and texture provide the potential energy from which visual movement occurs:  the journey begins, a continual search for the regions of meaning, balance, reason, the primal environments from which ideas and dreams are born.
I cannot escape the feeling that the images represented in my works have existed long before I sighted them within the surfaces of the paper.  Like the archaeologist, I seek to find those segments of knowledge, scale and purpose that seem to beckon from somewhere in space and time.
                                                                                            m. l. hornyakfinalwrabwtouchedup

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